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Inlet Devices V-Baffle®

(Português BR) Dispositivo de Entrada de Gás
Inlet Devices V-Baffle®

The CS V-Baffle® consists of a V-angled plate in front of the vessel entrance, forcing the current to flow through a larger area into the vessel. This device reduces the energy of the incoming current and redirects it to the sides of the vessel, making it more homogeneous in the entrance area of the vessel, pre-separating the phases and increasing the vessel’s capacity.

Product Applications

They are recommended when the moment of entry is not as low as in the maximum condition where no input device is required, but also not so high where an EvenFlow® would be more suitable.

Inlet Devices V-Baffle® are recommended when
  • Systems that have the moment of entry in average values;
  • Need to generate fewer low pressure zones;
  • Need to reduce the speed range in the separator;
  • Need for steam homogenization;
  • Need for high efficiency under maximum steam load conditions;
  • Need for less shear of liquid particles;
  • Need to reduce turbulence in the evaporator.
Several typical applications
  • Evaporators;
  • Low pressure zones.